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Be struck with fright night duty

In the Department of Neurosurgery of Zhongshan People's Hospital, most traffic accidents traumatic brain injury patient ward day income more than 10 patients, let me be moved either Zhongshan people drive too fast,My blueberry nights, or not to observe the traffic rules.
Today still and black prosperous brother stay on duty, to nine pm is not close to the patient, not by feel luck very good, estimated to be safe and have a good sleep. When I and black prosperous brother pleasant talk of everything under the sun when, er the phone rang.
.. Good night time is destroyed, black prosperous brother said: " epidural hematoma, delirious, midline shift, scattered pupil side, R L chinchilla ready for operation, " I was crying out bad luck at the same time, the rapid ready operation orders, and black prosperous brother entered the operation room nurse anesthetists and ready, I and black prosperous brother as usual,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, cooperate tacit understanding to finish the operation.
Each operation I have to Chang Geti many clinical problems, Chang Costa Rica also good, while doing the operation, while seriously to me. To complete this operation took three hours, and we haven't left the operation room, emergency room telephone again: " psychiatric patients from primary intracerebral hemorrhage, the emergency evacuation of intracranial hematoma, " I chang and brotherAnd regardless of fatigue with this operation.
Operation ended, three in the morning and more like my brother, and Chang back ward. Because I lied to Chang I snore, so prosperous brother give me a separate duty room to sleep. I looked up a house brand " the value of cell " the big character greet.
No wonder, Chang Columbia so considerate, come help me off the door, also often told me, do not deflowered ah, the nurses here see handsome guy will brings out the beast in the... I may have life risk, not sacrificing hue, but I must go to bed.
..... My Neighbor Totoro soon fell asleep, dreams and listen to the sound, and received numerous emergency room telephone,81 mathematical meaning 2 detailed analysis, and Chang and brother do N operation... Morning,Adiads Porsche Design, Chang brother wakes me up: " l chin up R! Start! " " to want to do the operation.
,Jeremy Scott Adidas! " I subconsciously cried! " do you head, last night I a person to do a small operation, see you sleep do not call you up,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com! " Chang, make nothing of the said. So, Chang brother sleep eluded? Anyway, I awake is doing the operation in the dream, also do operation,Remember him., no! But,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, Chang, is concerned about my neighbor Totoro! DragonThe cat moved a little.
.. Morning, My Neighbor Totoro no teeth, no face, no breakfast, and use cold water to wet hair, symbolic combed with dandruff hair, and Chang with brother rounds up... At this moment, administrative offices to a wheel of a female doctor, listening and speaking nosocomial infection Kepai to learn.
Who knows, in the next few days, the female doctors and chinchilla happened " Star Wars ". Here does not call her doctor, because her hair from the hair to toe. When the doctor, will call her a " ", because since her for chinchillas and administrative offices doctor hair on, general are so called her.
I don't think it is very elegant, it is called her " small with "! For " on &quot small; and the cross between what really happened, even small with " " loss of sanity, more and more lively, and listen to the next time.

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Mr Xi 'six sentient beings' two turn

( eight) &quot ;Committee of five &quot ;is a mysterious organization. It is a member of the five age from forty to eighty more than the famous expert. It executes is lifelong make ,if a member died only by several other members elect new members who are not .
Know that this institution is what thing ,but who have not heard of this committee .Mr Xi which department has refused to enter the chamber of secrets ,until he met Jiang Zhexin brought to Makino .
The static door in the people behind the closing ,the house had only seven mm Mr Xi and Makino Shizu and &quot ;Committee of five &quot ;.This one was Mr Xi knows two people ,Jiang Zhe heart and Hao village .
When Mr Xi eyes on Hao village face for a long time does not move ,so Hao village some uneasy about look around .&quot ;I know how you feel .&quot ;Jiang Zhe heart with tone of Mr Xi said ,was &quot ;Dr.
Hao village just to do their duty ,there are some things we also have no alternative against one .&quot ;then sat in the left side of a head of silver hair old lady said ,&quot ;He Xixian ,I ` five-member Committee ,Dr.
Catherine trick Quot ;she pointed to sit next to her on the two dressed in a black suit tall men said ,&quot ;this is the blue river and Dr Cui Zeyuan .Maybe you do not believe ,because of safety principles ,the five of us never resembles such today appeared simultaneously in one place.
Now let me answer your question of course ,if you want to ask other members can also be .&quot ;Mr Xi wants not to think to say ,&quot ;I want to know the maple leaf knife city where.
You who answer OK, look, &quot ;he said pointing to blue river ,is you, .&quot ;&quot ;no blue river reply immediately, and in turn asked ,&quot ;I would like to ask you know ` new LAN-STAR large immigration of `.
&quot ;Mr Xi wants to say ,&quot ;it was like one hundred and fifty years ago. At that time, mankind has discovered the universe has many habitable planets . So they selected a and the situation was ,let many people accept frozen ,starting migration to another planet that go up.
I remember that the planet earth is a distance of forty light-years ,the photon airship speed is the first road have already arrived long which Lan Jiang .&quot ;Water doctor shook his head and said, &quot ;I have to admire the great secrecy ,with so many years past had been able to keep up a bit suspicious .
God knows where we come what photon airship .But even if there is any new LAN-STAR and who can guarantee that the above is not already occupied by other creatures ,aren going to play star wars ?&quot ;&quot ;Mr Xi immediately stop ,what do you say ,you are not to tell me that it was just a hoax .
It made history great event.&quot ;Catherine interjected ,&quot ;if said that it was a hoax .It out of malice ,the most it is a means .The government has made great efforts to put a savage planet paints a vibrant new continent ,in order to attract people voluntary migrants .
To tell the truth ,at the time of the earth bad, more than twenty billion people living in the most suitable living ten billion people on the planet .&quot ;&quot ;if this is a hoax then those people where .
&quot ;Mr Xi gasps did HH .&quot ;.&quot ;Dr. Jiang Zhexin aside waving said ,&quot ;` new LAN-STAR large immigrant ` plan although field Scam but not so terrible. As for those hh&quot ;his eyes to the map deep yellow corner, &quot ;they live in is similar to maple leaf knife city .
And the life of our city is not unlike .&quot ;&quot ;.&quot maple leaf blade ;Mr Xi said the name ,this city already have all kinds of connections with relationship with him ,and even changed his life .
But he did know nothing at all about this place .&quot ;they live in as many as maple leaf knife city city .&quot ;blue river tone like read what ,&quot ;they breathe air ,as the new supersedes the old.
,as was born and died. And we have no two .Except for one point.&quot ;blue river open Mr Xi ,sparing him any mood changes ,&quot ;mm composition of their world brick and our different.
&quot ;Mr Xi feel heard the more confused ,he interrupted the blue river .,&quot ;and you still haven the maple leaf knife city what is the place of.&quot ;Dr. Catherine smiled ,&quot ;let me tell you .
The maple leaf knife is a medium-sized city beach ,a population of about nine hundred thousand ,most of the Is the Chinese .&quot ;Mr Xi annoyed added ,&quot ;I didn this ,I asked the location .
&quot ;Catherine face grew serious, &quot ;it is located at 105 degrees longitude latitude 30 degrees.&quot ;&quot ;,.&quot ;Mr Xi interrupted ,his eyes to the wall map ,&quot ;this is not possible ,the place is inland ,but ,&quot ;he gasped ,&quot ;in my hometown is near the.
&quot ;&quot ;no .&quot ;Catherine persisted ,&quot ;Maple Leaf knife city is located in the southern end of the peninsula facing the maple leaf ,Maple Bay .&quot ;Mr Xi some dizziness at Dr.
Catherine one of a lip ,feeble. Said ,&quot ;us two or are you mad or am I crazy .&quot ;&quot ;you are normal .&quot ;is Hao Village Voice ,& quot ;Dr. Catherine said there is a seaside ,this is right.
You said there are inland hills ,this is right. You can even say there is snow or negative elevation of the basin. It all on.&quot ;&quot ;HH you say what? &quot ;Mr Xi to hold his forehead ,he could not see Hao village has make fun of it ,&quot ;you know what I ?&quot ;and he Equally surprised and Makino Jing .
&quot ;I know what I .&quot ;Hao village does not hesitate to nod ,&quot ;after hearing the reasons you will understand why I say .&quot ;&quot ;know what Planck constant ?&quot ;Dr.
Catherine asked quietly .Mr Xi in his mind in search of a ,&quot ;previously learned ,it was probably a constant ,all objects have the energy which are integer multiples of the .&quot ;&quot ;Catherine and song ,you said is not unreasonable .
That is a constant, the numerical value is multiplied by 6.626 to 10 negative34,unit is Joule seconds. According to the quantum mechanics of the basic point of view ,the world is not continuous existence, but the value of partition continued existence.
This world with all the energy of matter and quality MM you should know in accordance with the mass energy equation both in fact is one thing mm is the value of the integral multiple .If we take this constant as the integer 1 ,then this world any object with energy value is a big integer.
For example is fifteen thousand ,or nine hundred and forty million seventy-six .All of these can be ,but not an object will have the As of eight point five four the energy value. In this sense we take Planck as a most basic bricks ,How to be a real man like law teacher - Cai Lixu thirty-ninth episodes ,the whole world is composed of numerous such bricks piled up .
&quot ;Mr Xi is listening carefully ,his mouth slightly open when ,like some silly. Should say that Catherine is very clear ,but Mr Xi not that is why she told these ,Mr Xi do not see these too profound to be understood theory and he would have anything to do so on .
&quot ;.&quot ;Mr Xi finally could not help but interrupted by Dr. Catherine said ,&quot ;I just want to know the maple leaf knife city where. You don so many circle around ,I on unrelated things don .
&quot ;Dr. Catherine sighed ,&quot ;I say this is to inform you that the maple leaf blade ,where .&quot ;her eyes looked a few another member ,seemed to make a final confirmation ,&quot ;Maple Leaf knife is indeed located just I said that .
&quot &quot position ;this is not possible ;.&quot ;Mr Xi and Makino almost at the same time screams .&quot ;this is true .&quot ;Dr. Jiang Zhexin must answer .&quot ;you say it is a built in the end of the city ?You in the ground and built a city, and even mm Also created the subsurface ocean .
&quot ;Mr Xi somewhat hesitantly, perhaps he thought the hypothesized too ridiculous ,his voice was very low. Catherine shook his head ,&quot ;what I said you should want .I can see that you are very clever .
&quot ;Mr Xi heart ,Catherine reminded him of one thing. Yes ,there is a possibility of HH but it is MM &quot ;could not be.&quot ;Mr Xi muttered ,his forehead 沁出sweat.Catherine face became some faint ,her mind is like a fly far ,white hair in her forehead was trembling .
Her eyes rested on a corner of the map ,there is a deep yellow ,&quot ;maple leaf blade is in there, a very common city .But hh&quot ;Catherine paused ,&quot ;it is composed of another brick ( .
&quot ;nine ) &quot ;quantum mechanics theory gives us a strong suggestion ,that is we don like to think normally in that way fills all space . In fact, even if the planet has not see a trace of every gap it is still very empty ,because in the Planck constant clearance Also can have a myriad of value ,like in the &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;two &quot ;have countless decimal .
&quot ;Dr. Catherine was a mysterious smile ,&quot ;you know what I mean ?&quot ;&quot ;in the maple leaf blade is located the world Lee Planck constant is another starting point. If our Planck constant as integer a word ,maple leaf blade ,Planck constant starting point is approximately one point one six .
&quot ;Jiang Zhexin tone difficult to speak ,see he every say a word has gone to some trouble ,&quot ;this is the answer .&quot ;&quot ;and HH value.&quot ;Mr Xi still fall fog,Olympic come back! I don't play the bad boy, &quot ;what this means .
&quot ;&quot ;you may wish to imagine a team of odd and even meet a team of what would happen to .&quot ;Jiang Zhe heart seems to be inspired ,he looked at Mr Xi expression ,&quot ;you should have thought of that in fact there will never be anything ,because they will have no check sleep through the opposing team .
We and maple leaf knife between the city is equivalent to this relationship . If you live in maple leaf blade in one encounter words hh& quot ;Jiang Zhe heart made a pause ,&quot ;what do you think of It .
&quot ;Mr Xi expression some silly, &quot ;HH what .&quot ;he thought hard ,&quot ;is it right? I will see him with many small holes .&quot ;Dr. Jiang Zhexin shook his head slowly ,&quot ;the answer is you simply do not perceive him.
He was in front of you is just a void .&quot ;&quot ;but he always reflected light ..&quot ;Mr Xi said .&quot ;the problem is the world of all matter and he has the same Planck constant offset ,light is no exception .
&quot ;including light inside the world of all objects to unimpeded through your body ,for they you are just a mass of vanity. You like the relationship between the mathematics in parallel lines ,extending forever but never intersecting.
&quot ;&quot ;you mean to tell me in my body around there are some strange things .&quot ;Mr Xi nervously reached scratching in the air ,&quot ;they can through my body ,just like I don .
&quot ;sweat from the forehead Mr Xi Qin ,he slumped to hold the walls ,preventing their fall. Makino static situation also not better than where To breathe out .Mr Xi Yuan ,&quot ;well ,I believe you.
Although intellectually I cannot accept it all.&quot ;he turned his head and looked around the room and others ,&quot ;I want you to spend so much time to tell me these not to let me learn it.
To tell the truth you want me to do ,.&quot ;Dr. Jiang Zhexin did not directly answer the question ,but a big say ,&quot ;there is something I want to tell you ,remember Hao village doctor said in maple leaf knife city location and mountain and basin .
&quot ;he stopped ,&quot ;you know what I mean ?&quot ;&quot ;Mr Xi thought for a while ,don say another world .&quot ;&quot ;in over 200 years ago, the turbulent years ,due to natural population problems and excessive development, our earth has overwhelmed .
&quot ;Jiang Zhexin becomes heavy ,&quot ;do not know what is in your heart we see these science as the occupation, but I think most of us are the slave of your conscience . When we see the suffering of human being in the heart always feel greatly disturbed mm even this situation at all Is to bring trouble to oneself .
At this time one of our great peer appeared, he is a Chinese physicist ,he called the golden evening .Dr. Jin Xi found he calls a &quot ;&quot illegal transitions ;method ,material transitions can be one layer to the other would have been impossible levels in his equations .
In total, found six possible stable solution ,our original world is one of the solutions to the.&quot ;&quot ;the other five solutions ?&quot ;Mr Xi said .&quot ;at the time of the world has been unable to bear the burden of human ,Dr.
Jin Xi only choice is to immediately put all the solutions with the ,government is in full support of the plan. The maple leaf knife ,where in the world is only one solution, and in a sense we now world is actually made up of six world constitutes a.
&quot ;&quot ;six .&quot ;Mr Xi mumbling ,seems to be touched. &quot ;indeed point coincidence .&quot ;Jiang zhe heart see the Mr Xi ,the &quot ;that the Buddha to the world into including the hell realm ,hungry ghost ,beast ,Asura ,humanity ,nature ,six ,which are in karmic retribution samsara world without end to under .
&quot ;he Came to a pause ,tone seem to be sentenced ,the six living creatures called &quot ;.&quot ;( ten ) &quot ;all &quot ;National Laboratory located in the South Pacific island .
From the looks of this is just an ordinary tropical islands ,but nearby fishermen know it is not close .And every day some elusive mystery ships and helicopters from the island to the external .
&quot ;we had not had ` ` all enabled door .&quot ;Jiang Zhe heart go to Mr Xi his thoughts have apparently flew past years, &quot ;my predecessors have set this device ,used to be that too much of the population is sent to the five other new world .
Its principle is not complicated ,you should know ,if an electron absorbs the photon it will transition to a new level track. The ` ` all the door there is a special level of particles your body will radiate its energy level ,not the Planck constant of 1/10 ,do not exist in nature this level .
By controlling its strength ,we can allow you to reach the remaining five new world . Well ,I have some .&quot ;Jiang Zhe hasty hasty words Hurry towards the busy crowd goes to Makino to see Jiang Zhexin as if thinking of sth.
static background ,&quot ;I think it is wrong. .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;what do you say ?Mr Xi surprised. Makino Shizu looked warily around the eyes, and said in a low voice ,&quot ;don there are some things cannot be explained ?&quot ;&quot ;explain ?Explain what? &quot ;&quot ;you know that I am a policeman, I was because the survey ` free heaven ` cases involving it.
.&quot ;Makino Shizu said very seriously, &quot ;if these things with that case is linked to words hh&quot ;Mr Xi was stupefied, he is from the Makino static mouth know the whole case details.
When he heard Chinese cheese members died describe the scene naturally think of their previously witnessed strange, but he didn realize what come from Makino .Now static suddenly mentioned this layer is let him the hearts .
&quot ;I even more ambitious ideas .&quot ;Makino Jing said excitedly ,&quot ;about a year ago I investigated a occurs in the Sahara desert of bizarre avalanche events .You see, here will have to contact the.
&quot ;&quot ;you will not Talking about hh&quot ;Mr Xi about to speak, but saying nothing ,he felt the idea was absurd. Makino Shizu nodded ,&quot ;maybe that is the truth of.&quot ;&quot ;I did not say, how do you know what I am saying .
&quot ;Mr Xi could not help laughing. &quot ;this is called without color chicken wing ,heart heart ..&quot ;Makino static proudly laugh ,with Mr Xi this sing one her smile is really pretty.
.&quot ;.&quot ;she suddenly light call ,cheeks flushed .&quot ;&quot ;how ?Mr Xi asked ,but he knew immediately what ,for he was thinking of Makino Jing earlier that the sentence contains another meaning.
This thought Mr Xi also couldn broke and ran ,&quot ;don ,wrong is wrong ,we are not OK ..&quot ;words outlet knew he was wrong ,meet this scene can only pretending to show off ,which can understand me.
&quot ;who say .&quot ;indeed ,Makino Jing immediately white Mr Xi an eye ,&quot ;.&quot &quot ;things to you ;I .&quot ;Mr Xi changed the topic ,&quot ;if the avalanche as located in another world material due to Some reason suddenly entered our world this layer then good explained .
Similarly, if that person suddenly disappeared as enter another layer of the world there is no strange .&quot ;Mr Xi eyes shining, &quot ;but the man didn nothing ` all doors ` such device ,do ,&quot ;Mr Xi changed some, &quot ;he can in the six world freely from .
&quot ;Makino quiet voice quivering, &quot ;and this man was a mm killer .&quot ;Mr Xi is very calm ,he repeated the Makino static words ,he think it ,&quot ;yes ,he is a murderer ,comes from nowhere in six all the sway of the free killer .
&quot ;( eleven ) Dr. Jiang Zhexin sat down again ,had a good half talent you quiet opening ,&quot ;finally you still think .Well ,this is our at present situation. We just heard the ` free heaven ` will know what happened ,because there are no other explanation .
` ` is a five-member committee management stack space organization .&quot ;Jiang Zhe heart noticed his audience spellbound , &quot ;stack space is refers to our world ,six layer space Committee of five .
` ` was established in 200 years ago,when the world just by virtue of human wisdom of the great power of differentiation into six layers parallel to the material space ,then spent decades makes another five world becomes suitable for human habitation .
Want to emphasize a point ,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/,we talk about the space it is actually refers to the material and energy level. In my point of view ,space and time are not the abstract concept ,space just reflects the presence of substances, and the time of reflecting the movement of material .
When the material world layered time space is a natural stratification .We look the world does not change ,while the other five world is new. The whole space range is centered on the earth about six thousand five hundred kilometers radius sphere ,inclusive of the entire Earth .
If the area outside of the material into the regional words will also be layered . For example the sun light irradiation into this area will be divided into six layers ,and each layer of the world were perceived in this space within the scope of all material elements are divided into the new layer five .
New material element layer Time in the new space combination of another world. The world and our world is quite similar to the layer ,which at the time of start-up has everything except life ,such as water and air ,suitable temperature ,and soil mm although very poor crest .
But this is enough ,because they are the planet ,is and the earth the same magnitude of giant system. For a planet level system, these conditions are sufficient to carry the incomparable miracle ,that is life .
Because from the same raw material ,so the six layer in position on the world is always substantially coincide ,but the effect is as if we have six earth. ` ` is a five-member Committee was established to deal with possible exception.
It should be said that in two hundred years the organization although high status but it is nothing to do. But Dr. Jin Xi is predicted ,because according to the quantum mechanics point of view this world is essentially according to the probability of existence, so anything may happen ,be just as likely vary in size.
So do not rule out the possibility of the existence of certain can travel to different levels of free space material ,such as a proton ,or is a photon ,the probability according to the equations for The values are less than 1/1000000000 .
"Mr Xi heart movement ,&quot ;if a large object ,such as a person ?&quot ;Jiang Zhexin shiver ,&quot ;to the size of the object ,there is a free shuttle stack space people likely to count the million 1/100000000.
You know ,six world population is only seventy billion ,so this probability can be considered to be impossible. But hh&quot ;Jiang Zhe heart had a pained look ,&quot ;we won the lottery .
In fact appeared such people ,and was the two . Of course ,I any more. .one is the terrifying murderer ,while another one is mm&quot ;Jiang Zhexin shook ,your &quot ;.&quot ;&quot ;I ( twelve ) ?&quot ;Mr Xi surprised to ask ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,in spite of his heart has the feeling but still are a great touch ,&quot ;are you say I am the free shuttle stack space man ?!&quot ;&quot ;Jiang Zhexin solemnly nod ,not a 1/100000000 chance tomake you met.
&quot ;he added ,&quot ;you can take along with a small range around the space with the transition to another world to ,say you Together with the clothes or some little things.&quot ;&quot ;if I am that kind of person, you spend so much energy to enable ` all door `.
&quot ;&quot ;` ` all through the door as soon as you can find their full potential ,` ` all the door guide ,it won to the strength of their own free travel on layered space .&quot ;then Dr.
Catherine in not far from Beck ,&quot ;can start .&quot ;along with her voice ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,the middle floor moved apart ,after half a minute a style peculiar items from below or up ,looks like an elevator .
Mr Xi suddenly with a strange smile ,he said to Jiang Zhexin ,&quot ;you are confident .What would think I would do the experiment ?&quot ;Jiang Zhexin was surprised ,Jin Guangming's victory over Wang Jing in fourth volumes,he looked at Mr Xi are like a stranger ,&quot ;this is what we are not .
Promise ?&quot ;Mr Xi face is still strange smile ,&quot ;you may recall ,de novo has I say that sentence agree .I just want to know the truth . It is because of your study ,I was considered As a geek, a neuropathy .
I lost a normal life should be ,lost everything. I want to figure out why you even really let me become a idiot .&quot ;Mr Xi became distorted ,looks ferocious, &quot ;I have seen their disease in the photo ,I like a piece of dough ,on dirty head ,mouth pulled several feet long slobber ,face to meet smile.
My days mm&quot ;Mr Xi eyes closed ,&quot ;that is what kind of smile ah ,like a head full of pigs. But that ,is really me ,if not for now you are in trouble, need my help, my life will live .
This is all you have done for me ,and all of you feel at ease and justified .&quot ;then Mr Xi eyes on Mu Yejing ,her eyes were bright with tears flashing, &quot ;and she ,you is it right? Also intends to let her become such an idiot ?&quot ;Jiang Zhexin is very low ,&quot ;I can only say sorry ,we have no other way to keep a secret .
&quot ;Mr Xi rudely interrupted him, &quot ;it is your thing .From first to last me What mistake ,I was innocent . Now if I want to choose the words that I would prefer to do other man .
&quot ;Mr Xi played at Jiang Zhe heart ,like a cat looked at the mouse ,&quot ;don people are much more clever than me .He did not like me as silly to go around looking for answers ,and no hope for others .
Now he can freely between six beings in between each layer in the world ,he was a free man ,which in fact is equivalent to mm .&quot ;Mr Xi to observe Jiang Zhexin face ,the other expression let his mind filled with bursts of Fiat, &quot ;he mastered the six living creatures wield absolute power of supreme power ,he could rule the world .
And this is what caused you Mr Xi laugh ,.&quot ;&quot ;if he is the devil words so you are created and released the devil .&quot Mr Xi ;grin ,&quot ;and another thing .I think clearly ,occurs in equatorial deserts of bizarre avalanche also caused you ,from another world of ice and snow on the mm ,you call this free material .
Mm killed two people .&quot ;his cruel smile Laugh ,the &quot ;that your luck ,if avalanche occurred in one of millions of people in the city ,such as New York mm&quot ;Mr Xi gazed into Jiang Zhexin eyes ,&quot ;yes ,this probability is very small ,but don ,you say there is no probability considering time .
With the time this time ,will become more and more, until it becomes a necessity. Like a place at a certain moment earthquake probability is very small ,but several years but eventually will happen like.
&quot ;Jiang Zhexin had turned as white as a sheet ,Mr Xi said that every word is like a sharp knife the knife at his heart. Mr Xi said that every word is true, you is an accomplice, a voice in his ear ,you released the devil.
Jiang Zhe heart doctor no longer standing instability ,he slowly sank to the ground with his body .But collapsed and at the same time his whole world. ( thirteen) the Hao Village glared at Mr Xi ,his voice was cold as ice ,&quot ;according to the statute ,from now on I succeed Dr.
Jiang Zhexin executive duties. He is my teacher ,if anything happens to him .I will never leave you. I said do .&quot ;He Ximan Don at the front of the somberly middle-aged man, &quot ;I won cooperate with .
&quot ;&quot ;perhaps you have prejudice on me .&quot ;Hao village neither fast nor slow to open ,&quot ;to be honest I do not want to defend himself ,who let me was an executive role .
If you hate although I hate good, but I don you so against their will .&quot ;&quot ;against her will ?&quot ;Mr Xi repeat this phrase ,&quot ;I donre saying .&quot ;Hao village hole if the concept of Tierra del Fuego ,&quot ;why do I know you character.
You and Jiang Zhexin are the same person .&quot ;he paused ,&quot ;that is care about the world than on his concern that one. I know you will agree ,just a matter of time before you quot ;Mr Xi expression a little bemused ,Hao village what he has a strange feeling ,as was said in the key .
&quot ;this repeated just your heart expression of discontent ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,you just hate when we do that to your .&quot ;&quot ;Hao village leisurely openings ,in fact you would have to compromise .
But I think it is proper to us Assist ,rather you to your own heart hiding something compromise more appropriate. Am I right you know .&quot ;Mr Xi some panic to see Hao village ,in the man before he kind of being stripped of clothes feel.
Compromise ,he muses on the word ,then he reluctantly found Hao village said was right ,the people was completely out of his inner world .&quot ;to be honest I never think scientists should bear any responsibility for this event is .
&quot ;Hao village eyes stopped where Xi to protest actions ,&quot ;listen to me finish. I know what you tried to say this is me trying to justify himself. But it is my real thoughts .
People lack of energy ,so we find the atomic energy . The human lack of food ,so we find transgenic crops ;lack of human living space ,then we find the stack space. We vow to science to the benefit of mankind ,is able to human suffering ignored him.
Yes, we also brought to mankind a nuclear explosion ,brought a new variant of the terrible species ,the substance and free heaven ` ` ,but is that we want What we like is a head in a wheat field .
The donkey grinding ,grinding wheat and to give people around world without end circle . At the same time because trampled underfoot seedling must also stopped to think of a way to righting them.
This is our situation .&quot ;Mr Xi sighed ,&quot ;well, I give up .Go out ,they may have to wait .&quot ;HH box door is closing ,squawking . Suddenly Mr Xi feel nervous, he has a strange feeling ,as if something makes him feel at ease .
Don ,he comforted himself ,this stuff have sent billions of people yet. But the feeling is more and more intense ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,he feels uncomfortable. Up ,and the door giggles like a dull saw saw bars ,let him the creeps.
At the gate was shut when Mr Xi suddenly rushed out ,his coat was caught in it. Until confronted Dr. Catherine eyes Mr Xi wake up to it so hard to explain, he lamely smile ,&quot ;may be some hot.
&quot ;Hao village but without saying anything, he looked at Mr Xi just shook his head ,then the Others waved action cancel. &quot ;no .&quot ;Mr Xi said suddenly ,&quot ;probably because I have not experienced this kind of experiment ,some feel not dependable .
Anyway, my clothes in the inside, let take it as an experimental .&quot ;Hao village snorted ,did not know that is directed to the idea according to Mr Xi or just move on ,&quot ;you know not to know to make a transition to spend much effort and expense .
Please do not use this word in the experiment ,two hundred years ago, so to speak ,but now is not the experiment but practical .&quot ;he then turned to some other people say ,&quot .
&quot ;power off ;Mr Xi not Rao to stop him, &quot ;I layman, dare not believe oneself of things not seen .Then give me some confidence in .&quot ;&quot ;I see in him the.&quot ;blue river said nastily ,&quot ;otherwise he would not cooperate with .
&quot ;the box door once closed, the console prompt lamp start rapid blinking. I do not know how long after the box door slowly opened ,Mr Xi first rushed in. Behind Catherine quietly discourse ,&quot ;which do not have, your clothes are not in this world Group .
&quot ;but Mr Xi turned, his hand was something mm is his coat ,but it is already in a disastrous state .&quot ;mm&quot appears ;Mr Xi a strange smile ,&quot ;experiment is part of the success of.
&quot ;&quot ;my God ,somebody has broken the ` all door `&quot ;Dr. Catherine whispered ,amazing. Hao village vigilant and looked around ,his eyes rested on the hall left corner ,there was stacked with some great instrument .
Then from there, suddenly there came a sound ,Hao village immediately rushed past, followed by the blue river .Two gunshots . People that come, all in over there to catch but one wonders appeared, a shadow volley toward the ceiling of the hall to go, both feet and a carry like in the stairs.
Wait until the guards to start moving toward the shadow opened fire when the shadow has been more and more light ,and then he disappeared in the ceiling corner .The crowd Leng Li ,gunshots still echoed.
It took a while to think of suddenly Mr Xi Hao village .He ran and walked forward .Hao village down in one instrument behind, his shoulder in a gun ,who has been in a coma .Blue river inverted in a few meters away ,The bullet went through his head.

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I was not good enough or you are not good......

I was not good enough or that you are kind and why am I in your eyes is so so so I will ask you where I proud where make my character what you so easily jump to conclusions won't you into together is arrogant ,Adiads Porsche Design
is loud you all day in class burst out make carping comments on Twitter is amiable and easy of approach all day long in the back play tricks on each other in calculating bootlick is not swayed by what
do you I just want to make every day in the school out of class to go to a quiet sitting in the last row I like doing I like see book what's that got to do with you by what so I am really not good enough

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To feel not good enough in winter

Nearly two months, the mood is very comfortable. The reason is very complex, but the most important is the one word: " &quot cold; cold outside! Home,http://deadidasporschedesign.com, cold, cold heart HH cold, cold northern home stay.
Coal is burned, heating furnace is broken, the cauldron don't burn well, a burning house full of smoke, lights,Peking University [] of discrete mathematics foundation strengthening class [] Peking University Pro, water pumping up water HH chickens would move a little, a look at the room. Even the kitchen was frozen, the ground is covered with dust and dirt, cold love, did not want to do HH new house and the computer room is not warm, heating units do not pay attention to, the indoor temperature only 13 degrees in place, no reason, no place to reflect, or reflect the are of no use,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, who also can not solve the HH heart cold reason perhaps many: japan earthquake disaster alarming, people panic buying salt farce, website chores,Adidas Jeremy Scott, sick, blog no time to write, in books and newspapers.
No time to read, not long ago was nearly out of traffic accident, then change danger into safety, think I HH remember in mid March, leading to my northern home slope on the road is muddy. It is often the day of night cold, the most difficult to walk is noon, after the motorcycle wheels move inThe mud stuck.
This year, but has changed: a duck pot Hotel neighbors, in order not to delay in the shop outside the passenger vehicle, extra hard repair this a small dirt road, pull several trucks of slag from the outside, the daily padding there.
I occasionally met, jump get off on the side, come to help stem for a while, warmly to say a few words, because after all we go this way, if not I open a restaurant of active repair,Air Force One Shoes,Be my baby whether well or not, I do not have to assume the responsibility.
" spring equinox land dry " as the proverb is also very accurate, even if the road repair then, at the spring equinox land was dry. Imperceptibly unexpectedly at the spring equinox of solar term, every year to the Vernal Equinox Day,Eat staple food is not referenced beverages Figure ,Adiads Porsche Design, day and night will have obvious fifty-fifty boundary mm weather to heat up, the light of the morning more early.

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Gee untreated source

The mood: contrast with the processed under the ha... Listen to the difference of great ~! Hey, once hurt, I trained from forming Dinghaishenzhen, a mortal can you appear completely messed up my goal,Click Here, even thought the single, I suddenly want to get married I lost the screen, has fallen to the plum array I have no specific function,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, can not make love forever can you appear to change, one of my usual mouth kiss a moment confused, is not a mile long love your heart, don't put put put not your echo, crazy guess your heart, don't put on by myself a fright, I love your heart,Achieve cStateFormed status before, don't put it no big deal, I put on guess your heart, don't put tripped by love, oh you are, love or not love me,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, I also according to also want the lovelorn brokenhearted, to insomnia insomnia.
Tell me, your news, hey also according to also will miss miss,After a one two one zero, or exercise don't let me,http://deadidasporschedesign.com, active around you, I also according to also get used to,Deviation, coverage, representative action -- grasp the index fund, or change I do not want to, to guess to guess,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, hey also

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