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Force reunification with Taiwan the best method

Unified force to take over the Taiwan army, Taiwan military facilities ,obtain the best naval base ,out of the first island chain ,made the South China Sea and the issue of the Diaoyu Islands of the initiative, and soon began construction of a blue-water navy .
Cambrian after Taiwan and rule in favor of the complete removal of Taiwan independence ,promoting the fusion and development of economy in the Cambrian not .Light set in China from the noose around the neck ,and solve the problem of Taiwan ,greatly improve the cohesion of the Chinese nation ,military exercises, made a series of important problems on active ,conducive to the future twenty years of national stability and development.
A pain ,long-term and overall situation greatly beneficial ,the best strategy is the strategy of peaceful reunification .Immediate pain, but a lot of problems for the future .First island blockade in long time existence ,solve the South China Sea and the Diaoyu Islands issue initiative would lose .
Taiwan last not necessarily uniform ,even if the unified ,unable to take over Taiwan army ,military installations and naval base cannot be obtained, cross-straits economic and cultural integration will be long ,and the integration of not thoroughly.
Taiwan long, foreign military term passive ,the prosperity of the country national pride will have setbacks ,the army has setback ,losing Military training and early adjustment of military development direction of opportunity.
So in the long-term and overall is very adverse select .To force the issue can be summarized as three problems: one is the unified force is the policy and must ?Two is to have Taiwan ?Three is playing in Taiwan good governance ?The Taiwan issue ,is set in a giant neck on a rope .
This rope for over fifty years ,does not want China powerful countries and forces ,from time to time to pull the rope . ,the rope is pulled over. This is the state of the nation pain.
1,over twenty years of war ,twenty years of reform and opening up caused by military combat drop ,corruption ,impetuous luxurious problems emerge ,gradually lost tradition .These problems by using one hundred one thousand good ways to solve ,is not unified Taiwan battle action .
A great battle ,will screening of a group of excellent soldiers ,Fourth - May publication,eliminate many unqualified .After World War II ,is exposed and solve army problem auspicious period ,unified Taiwan army commander ,there is also a whole army of prestige and credentials.
2,Chinese military reform and development for many years ,new weapons ,personnel ,organization ,command ,strategic Tactical ,only practiced useless. Actual inspection ,is the construction of a strong military guide and assure.
China development is inseparable from the powerful military force ,the battle is the army pilot cutter stone ,after the inspection ,the military road would avoid detours .Otherwise how ,whether you exercise ,in the future the Liberation Army to deal with the Japanese or American is not always assured.
3,apart from Taiwan ,China may face several problems including the South China Sea issue, oil security ,the Diaoyu Islands and surrounding geopolitical .This noose didn Taiwan .Then to solve other problems .
These problems together. Towed .China in these questions on the opponents of these years without an idle .Taiwan drag ,the final result is possible until the peace time, other issues have been irreversible deterioration and even can .
To solve China future for a series of major problems is the key of Cambrian in Taiwan general .Taiwan unified force opened the door to solve other problems ,China lost only a noose ,Chinese rivals has never lost a trump card and a lever ,and thereafter in China make When will and palmistry Bo .
4,if Taiwan have been unified, then today, China had developed the first island chain, construction is always a blue water navy to protect China .The Chinese ideal would be much different than it is today ,Chinese troops will be much different than it is today.
5,Chen Shuibian re-elected ,the prospect of peaceful reunification more bleak. Taiwan democratic system restricts the independence development ability is extremely limited. Therefore ,possibilities for a peaceful reunification has become increasingly small .
Unified force to serve as first option ,trade and cultural exchanges the peaceful unification means to force the unified service .About 6,after the reunification of Taiwan governance of Taiwan the problem can be summarized as :peaceful reunification .
Long pain ,unified force short pain .If peaceful reunification, would be a long process ,education in Taiwan have been to China ,peaceful reunification on ten years will not drag ,the next generation of Taiwanese will how to hate and hate the mainland.
The military, diplomacy can unified Ding Jie ,is not clear .Many unifying and cross-strait integration benefits are paid. So ,is there the pain of war ,long was a painful process.
7,don see the play Taiwan hit hard, the independence of Taiwan from the mainland the biggest weakness is too close to call Taiwan .We must spend all our advantage. To facilitate is the biggest advantage.
Taiwan is using the missile ships submarines such tools ,the key is to play our traditional advantage ?Do not have to like the U.S. Army .As play. If the warrior only with light weapons ,rocket launchers ,shoulder-fired missiles ,five thousand people only 200 shipscan be, and we have a large number of naval boats and gunboats.
Taiwan Strait is only 180 kilometers ,towards the Fujian side is suitable for landing flat beach. The nature of war decided to attack by the time we set. In comprehensive prewar reconnaissance identified in 30 to50landing points,there is a second master ,war to boat ,intensive ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,more to the point, suddenly landed first sent thousands of people on the way ,and then to control several landing point to the attendant massive landing .
Up to tens of thousands of people ,the ground attack with guided missiles and the air ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,the air defense to achieved air supremacy .To obtain air supremacy is conducive to the Strait of Taiwan army and navy in the blockade and the comprehensive land .
Against the Taiwan Navy is also fully cooperate with the landing operations. In short plays the high-tech war conditions Don put our traditional ace ?Army to play to the extreme. The reunification of Taiwan with the United States to China so that military capacity.
With our current set ,using the Taiwan Strait ,and our powerful army ,Taiwan can use the Chinese way down from the mainland .Taiwan from the United States and Iraq the Falklands from Britain and much closer.
Chinese and American troops are completely different .8,the battle of Taiwan and many other war is not the same as the United States of America attacked Iraq ,Taiwan .The key to hit a mental control, hit Taiwanese feel this Taiwan to be unified ,the PLA is sure to get down ,Taiwan army will begin to give up .
We are now but the heart of Taiwan did not play down ,because most people have never fought a battle. I think we conditions have been ready ,but not ready for the determination to fight .
If Mao Zedong alive today ,this situation has to go to Taiwan .The firm force resolution determination, psychology has the advantage. We are million people united as one man ,discussing, Taiwan army psychological ,as under stone eggs ,frailty .
In the war ,our army strength ,Flick 2.3 strengthen the plug-in, flick the plug, strengthen external reinforcement external, Denon,,determined to Taiwan .Cry for so many years ,army officers and soldiers are 99.Played psychological concern ,do good conduct propaganda to give special care to work ,leave Ge home, no resistance to preserve the strength ,or even change over there will be .
The key is to hit ,determined to beat ,played the psychological level. 9,ready is important ,some people always think that the Continental Army was not ready ,but when the Korean war we ready ?Today the strength of China play Taiwan is OK ,we are not lack of military preparation, or a lack of judgment of the situation ,an emergency decision commander .
But the war bring out those ten men were not in, more it is important not to Mao Zedong Deng Xiaoping .10,China in the development ,the United States and Japan are also in development ,Taiwan and Japan we are in the race.
I never believed that the status quo is most consistent with the interests of the whole army ,Japan ,Iraq ,Afghanistan ,North Korea resolving these problems ,Taiwan independent internal forces more climate .
If I were the American or Japanese politician, I must to support Taiwan to independence. Way to contain China ,then pull a military allies in Asia ,what is there against it to maintain the status quo ,in line with the eyes ?Interest ,the independence of Taiwan, in line with the forever benefit is unified .
Early to our advantage ,late start each other seek but fail to get .We don Japan to change speed in reforming the army ,not after the war the people only verbally alert ,the Taiwan issue is not early hands-on future sooner or later ,only 11losses.
On the several has sufficient to constitute a unified force causes. Many people discussed China military economy other effects ,so it can be analysed. 12,a lot about Taiwan to influence the development of economy of peaceful environment ,adverse powerful China.
In fact Taiwan United at an early date to have tremendous stimulative China strong effect of Taiwan .GDP is approximately 1/4 to1/3 ofthe mainland ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,in some areas of science and technology is developed ,in the information ,computer and chip manufacturing field is developed ,a solid industrial base and a good business financial system.
Lay Taiwan, cross-strait communication barriers were clean ,integrating the speed is fast,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, science and technology ,economy exchange ,capital flow ,natural industrial division of labor, on both sides of the tremendous role.
China has the world advanced chip and computer manufacturing industry ,need not take a Taiwan Money ,cross-strait integration role to the development of the country The future of our military chips may be produced in Taiwan.
After Taiwan the development of the Chinese army will make the big adjustment ,first island blockade does not exist ,we should build go out of the country ,defend China in the South China Sea and the the rest of the world ,protect our oil lifeline ,the high seas fleet to Taiwan as a base .
China big problem in the South China Sea oil imminent ,enough for one hundred years ,not to solve the problem of Taiwan ,want to protect their oil lifeline ,want to solve the problem of the South China Sea ,it is tell some fantastic tales .
These are threatening China economic problems .13,someone says Taiwan will take huge military ,adverse economic development. In fact hit Taiwan ,will also give the Chinese army to save large sums of money .
Taiwan large Western aircraft missiles ,ships and other weapons ,communications and command equipment ,there will be some fall into our hands ,The answer to the Grizzlies. Tomorrow will announce whether to accept the offer,the industry also will fall into our hands ,which is not in the technology and equipment to compensate for some of our military spending ?And more importantly, out of the first island chain ,get the best ocean fleet base ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,take To solve the South China Sea and the Diaoyu Islands issue strong condition ,this is the number of money can not buy.
Those caverns and other hardware facilities is becoming our ocean fleet bases are used ?These benefits for a peaceful solution to the Taiwan is not .After the settlement of Taiwan ,our army will face problems in the future ,military investment direction can also be for future problems ,these are not only to save money ,obtain the future initiative.
14,about to hit Taiwan in western countries by blocking problem. China today is not the beginning of reform and opening up that China ,for economic development law ,management system ,business system ,management personnel ,a large number of software and hardware the environment has been established ,people in economic development has been developed .
With the world economic exchanges have been inseparable ,irreversible ,you have me, I have you, nor to give up by capitalists from China get all kinds of resources .Therefore ,western block must be local and temporary, not comprehensive and long term .
At least two or three years, more than four or five years ,also won complete blockade .Can we cultivate domestic demand ,domestic demand for Chinese term Development is also very important.
Moreover the Western nor be a monolithic whole ,contradiction is also a lot of these years ,China and most western countries relations is good. After Taiwan ,we see but it was done now ,yell sound ,must settle a matter by leaving it unsettled ,western countries is not that Taiwan freedom ,concerned only with their interests .
Really care about Taiwan is the mainland. But we, in which the fundamental interests of the country on the problem, then ,never retreat ,this is to make sure those western countries understand .
Blocked ,maybe we are still developing .15,has recently been on the unification of Taiwan of national cohesion in the role of these .Domestic all kinds of social contradictions ,financial system reforms lag to cure ??,social moral corruption .
A new generation of leadership have not enough authority to gather social consensus and social forces to solve many long-term cumulative problem ,unified force Taiwan ,not only for China in the future twenty or thirty years development lays several favorable conditions ,also helps leaders get unprecedented prestige and social cohesion ,to solve the social problems in China today .
16,in short ,peaceful reunification or unified force ,should be put in China facing the global to see ,if our country is faced with is a dish of chess ,then today situation that force is uniform in Taiwan has become one of the best in the country and the nation to move ,at least in our some people seem so .
Cambrian in Taiwan ,China lost only a noose ,harvest is global. 17,in short ,unified force not the conditions and timing problems ,conditions, or the current time .Is decision-making problem ,not the determination problem .

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