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Entertainment boiling point / 2009-02-19 22: 46:20 in thesupreme of earth orbit satellite ,give up there are the same situation ,a large number of abandoned satellites are filled with earth synchronous orbit satellite institutions .
Unless they eradicated ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,otherwise ,the new satellite will be faced with these tracks junk risk of collision. Synchronous orbit satellite moving above the equator ,and earth scroll synchronization ,looks relatively ground fixed.
Thus ,synchronous orbit is a communications satellite in low earth orbit preferred track .The abandoned satellite ,because the gravity of the earth attraction ,the ultimate fall to earth name .
And synchronous orbit satellite if no external force to advance ,The return trip - Beijing,do not usually natural fall the ground. So ,&quot ;international organization of space waste between harmonious Committee &quot ;in 1997, developed a set of rules ,in order to ensure synchronous orbit ring may be kept clean ,not abandoned satellite .
The organization designated ,each satellite end of life ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,it should be to promote the synchronous orbit ring 300 kilometers above&quot ;graveyard orbit &quot ;.But that solar radiation pressure and other small force, the satellite may end up gradually and were pushed back to synchronous orbit ring .
At the outset, the ESA Rudi ?Jie Han et al present evidence ,not every countries and organizations have spontaneously fulfilled this delineation. Johanna team on &quot ;the United States space observation network &quot ;inspection are analyzed, results of the invention, currently there are about 1120larger than 60 cmobjects on the earth synchronous orbit ring ,and only about 300 areabnormal operation of the satellite .
Shanghai to install satellite is in recent years rapid development, application of geostationary satellite digital compression and coding of television signals to the user a radio and television situation .
There are two main ways. One is the digital television signal is transmitted to the cable headend, again the cable television station is converted into analog television transmission to user.
This form has been in use for many years the world over .Another way is to digital television signal is transmitted directly to the user namely: Direct to Home ( DTH ) method .The United States Direct TV company is the first to use the technique of satellite television operation company .
And a match ,DTH satellite transmission power, with a small antenna, the general family can be applied. At the same time ,Come on.,be able to direct the supply to the user authorization and encryption ,carry out the digital television ,Pay-per-view ( PPV ) ,Nike Air Force One,Shanghai satellite television service and other types of progress ,from the next segment limit.
Furthermore DTH can also carry out many television service for the rest of the digital information service ,such as INTERNET download ,interactive television .Shanghai to install satellite ,DTH exists in the international two big standard ,Europe standard DVB-S and American Standard DigiCipher.
But DVB scale in global universal application, after the United States of America DTH company Dish Network also uses the DVB standard .A model of DTH system consists of six parts: 1 )( Headend ) front end system end system is mainly composed of audio and video compression encoder ,multiplexer composed of front end system .
Important obligation is the TV signals, digital coding compression ,using statistical multiplexing ,Air Foamposite 1 class status,in limited satellite transponder frequency band transmitted more programs . DTH by MPEG-2 standards of video and audio signal compression, dynamic statistical multiplexing ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,in an 27MHz transponder send up to 10 sets oftelevision programs .
2 )transmission and the uplink system ( Uplink ) transmission and the uplink system comprises from front end to uplink station communication device and an Taobao ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,the most effective weight loss pills :Access ,Switzerland Nagra Vision the United States of America .
Direct TV Direct TV skills and take the Canadian Star company Choice is using the NDS prerequisite receiving system ;American Dish Network ( Echostar ) Company and the use of Echostar technology in Canada Bell ExpressVu company is using the Nagra Vission conditional access system .
DTH system in the IRD is not a simple hardware equipment ,it also includes operating system and a large number of application software. The victory in the IRD operating system is Open TV.
Dish Network American company has begun to gradually upgrade the user Open TV system. At present Shanghai device satellite market comparison messy .Private installed satellite TV people do not know that I offended law ,constitute the people not to give, officer not investigate !Twenty fifteen on June 9th ,&quot ;the star nine &quot ;radio and television broadcast satellite launched successfully in Xichang .
Beijing Olympic Games will be the beginning of the satellite transmission of digital TV signal ,then tens of millions of households will be direct absorption to watch the Olympic Games event.
At present China has cable digital TV ,digital terrestrial television and IPTV three digital program transmission mode .&quot ;the star nine &quot ;for the first time using an unencrypted development TV show to households in the transmission business, its successful launch ,symbol China will enter the TV satellite broadcast period .

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